domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2015


I've got a friend.

I have to say, of all the gifts Brighton has given me so far, this one is the best. She is awesome.

I remember the first day I met her. So many things have happened and slowly, I've seen her come out of her shell. She doesn't realise sometimes just what a cliche girly girl she is and I love letting her know, because I see it, and I know she has her days, just as any other girl I know, when she lacks a bit of confidence.

There are superficial things, gestures, when we are talking and nobody else is around, that show me her true self. We all do it. It can be just a look, a half-sided smile, or that thing she does, raising an eyebrow, when I say something she finds amusing.

Then there are the other ones, because if there is something I've learned about women it's just how strong they are, especially when they think they are not. Because when they feel fragile, vulnerable and sad, but have the ability to put all of the pieces back together that is when they are really showing their strength.

I've got a friend and she thinks I'm stronger than her. She is wrong.

Everything she is doing, everything she is going through right now is, from my perspective, absolutely terrifying. We live in a stupid world, full of empty heads that make something as simple as being yourself a daily battle of life or death. Not only she is out there being herself, she is also taking the time to look after me as well and, considering nobody has truly cared for me apart from my boyfriend and my cats since I came to this country, it is a big deal.

I've got a friend. She is beautiful.

I know she doesn't believe me when I tell her, but she truly is. It is fucking obvious if you look at the picture, but I'm talking about a whole lot of things, external and internal, that make her awesome. It's not about the smile, or the eyes, or the hair or the make up.

I talk about that look she's got, especially for the people she cares about, but also for everyone. I talk about that look that knows better and worse times, that knows about life, and about struggling, and that says 'I'm ready to share'.

I've got a friend. A treasure in these hard times we are living, amongst monsters like appearance, labels, money and lies.

I've got a friend... and she's helped turn 'England' into 'Home'.

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Sophie Cook dijo...

Laura, thank you so much for your beautiful words.

I feel truly honoured to be your friend and humbled by these words.

I've always felt guilty about our relationship, feeling that I was the only one who benefitted from it and that I was giving you nothing back.

I will forever be grateful for the love that you have given me and I will read these words even single day.

Thank you, my most wonderful friend x


Laura , muchas gracias por tus palabras hermosas .

Me siento verdaderamente honrado de ser su amigo y humillado por estas palabras.

Siempre me he sentido culpable por nuestra relación , sentía que yo era el único que se benefició de ella y que yo te estaba dando nada a cambio .

Siempre estaré agradecido por el amor que me has dado y voy a leer estas palabras , incluso los días.

Gracias, mi amigo más maravilloso x

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